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Read, Comment, And Get The Rug for Free !

Hello IGreenSpot avid readers! We are happy to have you all these time and we thank you for keeping IGreenSpot a part of your daily eco-life. It is nice that we have you for more than a year of great green products, and the day has come that we at IGreenSpot will give back to you our readers.

How will do this? We together with CSN rugs are giving away a piece of area rug to one of our lucky reader. Having this area rug at home will not compromise your green lifestyle because these are eco-friendly rugs. Makers of CSN rugs claims that users don’t need to spin dry the said rug but are light enough that even a single shake and hang dry will do.

nature curdoray bamboo rug

I am sure many of you are now excited to join the promo and have some designs in mind already. Good News to eco-friendly people! CSN also has environment related area rugs design that will surely meet your eco lifestyle. So! What will you do to be that lucky reader to receive the area rug?

Readers from the U.S who wants to be the lucky one to receive the area rug, all you have to do is to leave some comments below, wait, and see.

Updated : Congratulations to Guntur for winning this rug. Email us your fullname and address. Thank you for all participants, hopefully we can host another giveaway for you all.


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21 thoughts on “Read, Comment, And Get The Rug for Free !”

  1. This rug is JUST what i was looking for. I wanted something eco-friendly but will be a rug non the less that i can put in front of my door in my dorm for school this year! thanks!

  2. Nice simple design, we will enjoy this eco friendly rug in our new house. I wonder if we can use it for picnic as well 🙂
    Easy maintenance is also a great point to mention. thanks

  3. I have been in the market for a rug lately, but i don’t like bright tones. the pale tan and brown will go great with my interior decor! Keep up the great work iGreenspot, i enjoy reading about creative productive members of society trying to change the way we live our lives!

  4. I love this rug. So simple but just what I could use for my room. It’s so hard to find a rug that is both eco-friendly, affordable, and I actually love.

  5. i have been looking for something safe to put on the floor for the dogs to lie on. This is the perfect thing!

  6. Hi, i’m looking for the perfect rug for my room, and you give it away for free 🙂 Hopefully I’m the lucky person

  7. I’m starting to understand the important of keeping our earth green and this rug would be definitely a great addition in my house

  8. I’ve always loved natural rugs, and I just bought a new home and could really use a beautiful rug like this one. LUV it!

  9. Even thought the contest is over I bet that would be great to have with small kids around. Since I had my two beautiful babies my eyes have been opened to a greener lifestyle. I actually had a panic attack after they were born because all I could see was chemicals everywhere! I am not quite as “gree” as I would like to be, but I am getting there. I certainly hope my kids pick up on this and live green from the get go.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebel !

    Gotta go shop for that rug!

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