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Magazine Seat: Recycled Your Old Magazine While Giving You A Unique Furniture Seat

I know many of us love reading magazines especially the glossy ones as they have excellent photos apart from the enticing articles we can read. After we read and re-reads all the article contents of a certain magazine, here comes the waste disposal problem that each of us surely have encountered. We do not have enough space at home to keep them and we will be adding so much to our landfills if we destined them to the curbside. The Magazine seat is the solution. Thanks to Hockenheimer who have the initiative to design the seat that make use of our old magazines. The seat has the wooden platform where you can pile up your magazine and top it off with soft cushioning for comfort. Put the magazine and cushioned seat together using a stylish belt, which surely will add up to the unique and elegant look of this eco-friendly furniture piece.

Magazine Seat

Magazine Seat

Magazine Seat

Source: Hockenheimer via Sutkutusu


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