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Laundry Pod by RKS Team

Washing delicates and small loads at a large machine or wasting some time, gas, and effort is definitely not a good idea. That is why more and more women are now purchasing a salad spinner just for this purpose. In order to make washing delicates and small loads an eco-friendly acts, RKS Team have created the portable and hand-powered laundry machine called the Laundry Pod. Aside from it being made from recycled materials, using the Laundry Pod will give you numerous benefits including the ability to re-use gray water in watering your plants, flushing your water closet and more. Since the Laundry Pod is portable, it can be used anywhere for small loads and delicates, thus saving you energy and trips to your favorite Laundromats.

Laundry Pod

Laundry Pod

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