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Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk Is Eco-friendly For Home And Office Use

Whether you are at your home or office, you can enjoy an eco-friendly piece of furniture if you have Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk. The desk is perfect at the reception area of your office, clinic, parlor, spa and the likes. Aside from being a useful piece of furniture, this desk is also an eco-friendly one, as it is made entirely of sustainable and organically grown bamboo from the famed “moso” forests of China. Bamboos from this farm in China are known to have the perfect color, grain, density and strength, so you can expect your furniture piece to be elegant looking and sturdy. [Click here to know more about Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk]

Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk

Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk

The desk is cost effective too. You don’t need to hire an expert carpenter for the assembly job. It requires only three minutes of your time and requires no tools at all to assemble. Other than using a sustainably grown bamboo, another eco-friendly feature of the desk is the use of an E-1 grade VOC-free adhesives making it a safe piece of furniture for your home or office and of course safe for the environment. The desk has the curves creating the desk a modern look with classic feel looking inviting to young individuals, nomadic urban dwellers, and more. The desk measures 47 inches by 32 inches by 60 inches, so make sure you measure your place first before buying to avoid disappointments. The Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk can be perfect for start-up businesses and even for students. [Click here to purchase Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk]

Lagare 60-Inch By 47-Inch Corner Desk


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