King: The Sofa That Brings Comfort And Safety To The Environment

Living green has really becoming exciting and fun nowadays. If before living green would mean living a lifestyle that is out of style, then it is very different now. Various designs from fashion to industrial to architecture to furniture are becoming stylish and modern enough without your noticing that these products are eco-friendly. The King Sofa by Bernadete Brandao is a great example of fashionable and stylish yet eco-friendly furniture design. Made of certified MDF materials, the King Sofa is a perfect tool for those who want to help save the environment on his or her own little ways without the need to compromise style and fashion.

King Sofa

Source: King Sofa


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1 thought on “King: The Sofa That Brings Comfort And Safety To The Environment”

  1. This King Sofa looks simple but elegant and it is good the it is eco-friendly too. I think this sofa would fit for a king, referring it to its name.

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