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Enjoy The Hot Bright Sun With Your SUS Portable Solar Lamp

Enjoy sunrays does not only mean getting a fashionable tanned skin but also a sustainable illumination using solar powered lighting systems like the SUS Portable Solar Lamp. We have heard so much about solar panels and how it can help us collect sunlight and transforms it into solar energy to power many of our items at home or office. However, these solar panels that we have known for years are bulk in size and cost too much for any household individual to own.

SUS Portable Solar Lamp
SUS Portable Solar Lamp

Not anymore today with the numerous portable solar powered products available in the market today.the SUS portable solar lamp is just one of the many portable solar powered products we can buy today. This stylish lamp uses grade AA materials to end up with a long lasting and eco-efficient product. It has the solar panel for sunrays collection, 2 LED light for illumination purposes, switch with 3 settings namely the Auto Low, OFF, and Auto High, and 2 AA rechargeable batteries for solar energy storage. The SUS Portable Solar Lamp also comes very stylish making it not only eco-friendly but a home décor material too.
SUS Portable Solar Lamp

Source: Sunnyside Up Solar and Supermarket HQ


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