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Dine With Care To The Environment Using Bambu 11-inch Round Veneerware Plates

Dining is fun but it could even be more fun if you dine while keeping the environment safe using the lovely and eco-friendly plate called Bambu 11-inch Round Veneerware Plates. As its name suggests, the plate is made of bamboo, a sustainable source of material. Bamboo is a fast growing type of plant making it able to replenish the harvested plant in just a short period. The use of bamboo makes the plate an FDA approved one. Other than that, the plate uses no bleach or dye making it a safe dinnerware. The plates also look classy and elegant making it perfect for all occasions. [Click here to know more about Bambu 11-inch Round Veneerware Plates]

Bambu 11-inch Round Veneerware Plates

Other than being made of a sustainable material, the plate is certified organic too because after disposal, the plate biodegrades in as short as four to six months. Designed for single use, the plate is not safe for microwave use. Complete your eco-friendly dining experience or occasion with other dinnerware made of bamboo like a complete utensil set and a smaller plate for a total organic yet fine dining experience. When you purchase this eco-friendly bamboo-made plate, each pack include 25 pieces of 11-inch round plates.

If you are looking forward for an eco-friendly occasion, using Bambu 11-inch Round Veneerware Plates would be the perfect choice. [Click here to know more about Bambu 11-inch Round Veneerware Plates]


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