Bold: Your Spacious Eco-friendly Cardboard Chair

Cardboard can be used in various purposes. You can have it as your simple yet presentable packaging, storage, and a lot more. Today, I am going to present to you a wonderful creation made from cardboard. Hailed as theBold, this one of a kind chair has the small letter B look when viewed from the …

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La Maison-Vague: An Earth And Plant Covered House

A house doesn’t need to have solar panels, rainwater collecting system, or uses recycled materials in order to be considered as eco-friendly. The La Maison-vague by Parisian architect Patrick Nadeau is a good example of an eco—friendly house without the solar panels and other common eco-friendly items. The only thing that this eco-house has is …

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Furniture Recycle

GO: A Green Furniture For Your Health And Gadgets

Relaxing while doing your exercise are the two things that can hardly done together. However, designer Rizki Tarisa has created an eco-friendly furniture design that will allow people experience total relaxation while doing his or her exercise routine called the GO. The GO has a laptop holder that will hold the user’s laptop for total …

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