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Dine In Style And Eco-friendly Way, Use The Happy Crab Cloth Napkins

Many have claimed that paper napkins are eco-friendly. Now the company of a cloth napkin called the Happy Crab Cloth Napkins also have claimed their products to be eco-friendly. Many of us may now ask the question, “What made a certain product eco-friendly.”

To be considered as eco-friendly, a product should not harm the environment through its sources, production and must not be an addition to our wastes and landfills. A paper napkin is considered to be eco-friendly because of the materials it uses, the paper, which can easily decompose. Therefore, it won’t harm the environment that long. With cloth napkins on the other hand, these are considered green product because it will not be an addition to our landfills since everyone can reused the napkin by simply washing it with soap and water and some disinfectant too. [Grab this adorable and cute Happy Crab cloth napkins]

Happy Crab Cloth Napkins
Happy Crab Cloth Napkins

What made the Happy Crab Cloth Napkins an eco-friendly product? Well, it is because aside from the fact that it can be reused after washing, this stylishly printed napkin is also made of recycled polyester-organic cotton. What more, the lovely crab prints are hand painted with the painters using environmentally safe, water-based inks.

You should not worry when it comes to cleaning or washing it because this lovely cloth napkin is machine washable where you need to use cold water and through a machine’s gentle cycle feature. If you love to have a love and refreshing beach ambiance to your home or office, having a piece or more of the Happy Crab Cloth Napkins will make it possible. [Click here to get Happy Crab cloth napkins]

Happy Crab Cloth Napkins


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