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Bucky Bamboo Wood Reindeer Is An Animal Friendly Way to Display Your Love for Wildlife

Available in 3 size options, Bucky, a bamboo wood reindeer would decorate your house with Christmas spirit in an environmentally, animal friendly way. It’s a nice wall mount to display your love for wildlife without actually having to harm one. Each product is laser cut from fast-growing, naturally renewable bamboo, it means that you can also customize your own Bucky, just fit those pieces together and paint it if you want to, or whatever else you want to do to fit the room décor theme. The model is not just a reindeer, you can also buy a lion, an elephant, or a rhino head from the merchant. [CLICK HERE to checkout the price of Bucky The Bamboo Wood Reindeer]

Bamboo Wood Reindeer - Bucky

Bamboo Wood Reindeer - Bucky


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