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Aquacube: A Clean Water Treatment In A Shipping Container

The world is currently having problems with water sources and the demand increases with the world’s growing population. Aquacube is designed to answer this need for water by treating unusable water into a fresh and clean one.


The Aquacube will have the standard shipping container housing the water treatment plants self-contained with an on-board power supply, parts, tools, and storage tanks, which are collapsible. This design will surely answers the need of water in some areas of the world like Africa wherein women have to spend four hours just to get to the clean water source and back. The Aquacube is designed to get close to those who need clean water source.


Source: INDEX-AWARDS via Curve Blog


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1 thought on “Aquacube: A Clean Water Treatment In A Shipping Container”

  1. It is heavy duty product, right? Is it for industrial need? What is the most advantage of it? Is it also good for house need? I am sure that all people want to consume clean and safe drinking water.

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