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Allianz 4000: Sweeping Your Streets While Saving The Environment

Street sweepers are just a few of the huge contributor of carbon emission and gas consumers on earth. With the constant call for greener way of living and with the constant call for saving the environment Allianz 4000 is designed, a hybrids sweeper from Allianz Sweeper Company. Currently in use in NY City, the Allianz 4000 is the first hybrid sweeper on earth. It uses 6.7 liter Cummins diesel engine in combination with two 12-volts lithium-ion batteries and an electric-traction drive system. With these eco-friendly features, the Allianz 4000 sweeper has the ability to save approximately 40-45 percent of fuel as compared to its diesel counterpart.

Allianz 4000

Allianz 4000

Allianz 4000

Source: Allianz 4000 via Automotto


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