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E-vivacity: Peugeot’s Electric Scooter

Eco-friendly transportation means is now becoming widely available with the growing number of carmakers who are now into manufacturing eco-friendly cars. Peugeot joins with other carmakers and will soon present to its consumers its new and advanced electric scooter called e e-Vivacity. Unlike the previous electric scooter that Peugeot had, which nickel-cadmium batteries power, the all-new e-Vivacity us will be powered by lithium-ion batteries. This modern and fashionably stylish scooter will have a range of around 60 miles and will be having a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The e-vivacity will have a motor that works similar to that 50cc petrol powered scooters making it ideal for travel around the village, market, and the like.


Via: Ecofriend

Allianz 4000: Sweeping Your Streets While Saving The Environment

Street sweepers are just a few of the huge contributor of carbon emission and gas consumers on earth. With the constant call for greener way of living and with the constant call for saving the environment Allianz 4000 is designed, a hybrids sweeper from Allianz Sweeper Company. Currently in use in NY City, the Allianz 4000 is the first hybrid sweeper on earth. It uses 6.7 liter Cummins diesel engine in combination with two 12-volts lithium-ion batteries and an electric-traction drive system. With these eco-friendly features, the Allianz 4000 sweeper has the ability to save approximately 40-45 percent of fuel as compared to its diesel counterpart.

Allianz 4000

Allianz 4000

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Shift: A Car Concept That Will Help Save The Environment

Driving while saving mother earth, isn’t it a good aim to achieve? Green car technology is now constantly growing. If you were to observe of the design, they evolve each day from the weirdest design to now an elegant and stylish one. The Shift Concept car from Dacia is not only stylish and elegant. This head turning car concept is eco-friendly as well, as it is to be powered by Lithium-ion batteries. This only means that, the Shift Car Concept will be producing zero carbon emission, thus zero harm for the environment. For sure many will be waiting for the production of this car concept because it does not look great on the road, driving this car would be less guilt to the environment as well.

Shift Car Concept

Shift Car Concept

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NewRicksaw: An Eco-friendly Modern Rickshaw

Rickshaw is a known transport means in many of the third world countries. Drivers of this type of vehicles pedal to move the rickshaw forward. Designed for use in urban areas as well, the NewRicksaw is an eco-friendly rickshaw that is electric powered and thus produces zero emission. This three-wheeled vehicle comes in a sleek design and glossy finish making it an ideal transport mode for any city. In addition, this will be a great relief for rickshaw drivers, for they will not be tired of pedaling anymore. This electric rickshaw uses lithium-ion batteries and can be recharged easily at any parking station. Driver will definitely be happy the moment it comes into fruition. Kudos to David Vidal!

Newricksaw Project

Newricksaw Project

Source: David Vidal

Volkswagen: Released An Eco-taxi For Milan

Designed specifically for the city of Milan, Italy, the Milano Taxi is a cab with the size of a van from Volkswagen that is especially designed for being a taxi. The Milano taxi comes with a single sliding door on the passenger side that completely opens, thus giving the passenger and easy access when coming in and out of the cab. On the other hand, the passenger seat on the front is removed on this model to give space to suitcases and other baggage that a passenger may have. The Milano taxi also has the center console that features a touch screen interface for the passenger to inform themselves with the latest news and routes. The best part of the Milano taxi is its use of lithium ion batteries with a 186 miles estimated driving range, thus a zero emission car and will not harm the environment as it hits the busy streets of Milan.

Milano Taxi

Milano Taxi

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Toyota Hi-CT Hybrid Concept Car

Toyota Hi-CT hybrid concept car offers an enjoyable vehicle with weird looking design, but according to Toyota’s team of young Japanese and European designers, this is the reflection of what a cool and great vehicle should look like. The idea behind this hybrid concept car is the theme of “unbalanced”, creating something that make people stop and take a good look.

The Hi-CT is a plug-in hybrid with a 1.5L motor and uses lithium-ion batteries, which are located underneath the floor of the vehicle in order to maximize the interior space of the car. While it looks quite boxy and big, it is in fact quite small. The entire vehicle is 3.3 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1.7 meters high. It is, effectively, a cube on wheels. Due to the tiny size, it can only carry two persons. However, being a �lifestyle� car, there�s enough space inside it for everything that an active user or two could need. The rear trunk can be modified so that surfboards, bicycles and camping equipment can be carried around for those days where you need to get out to nature.

The interior looks futuristic, I don’t really care anymore about the outside look. Those young designers surely think outside the box when they designed this car.

toyota hi ct

toyota hi ct concept

toyota hi ct hybrid concept car

toyota hi ct car concept

From Toyota via Inhabitat

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