Alice Adjustable: An Eco-Friendly Seat

Seating is a relaxing activity can be a fulfilling one as well especially if you are seating in a contemporary and eco-friendly seat. The Alice Adjustable, an eco friendly seat makes this desire possible. This seat is adjustable making it possible for you to have a bar stool, a regular chair, and a lowered one if you want closer to the ground. There is no need for you to purchase different chair for the said different purpose because all you have to do is use the simple locking mechanism the Alice Adjustable chair has that keeps the chair in-tacked, and you already have the chair that you need. In addition, the chair is handmade, meaning it does not use any machine that produces carbon emission that causes harm to the environment.

Alice Adjustable Chair

Alice Adjustable Chair

Alice Adjustable Chair

Source: BruceMarsh


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