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Algreen Castilla 50-Gallon Rain Barrel Collects Water Sustainable

When it comes to living economically whilst saving money and the environment, collecting rainwater with the help of Algreen Castilla 50-Gallon Rain Barrel will definitely not goes out of style. As its name suggests, the barrel will help you collect that natural water from rain and use if for watering your plants, cleaning your toilet, and the likes. In this way, you will get to save money on your water bill.

Algreen Castilla 50-Gallon Rain Barrel

With 50-gallon capacity, the barrel surely will have the ability to water your entire garden and that would be a lot of savings. The barrel will not only lets you save money on your water bill but also will lets you save on purchasing cost because the barrel is made from tough, roto, molded plastic, which made you sure enough that you can enjoy its service longer. The spigot of the barrel looks classic and it just match perfectly fine with the barrel but the most important thing is that it is convenient to use. Measuring 23 x 33 inches, Algreen Castilla 50-Gallon Rain Barrel also comes with a corrosion-proof screen guard.

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