Venturi Volage Electric Car with Active Wheel Technology

Another electric car is about to hit our busy roads in 2012. The Venturi Volage of Michelin has a new breed of in-wheel technology called as the Active Wheel Technology. The entire active suspension, electric motor and brakes of the Venturi is fitted as much as possible within the wheel envelope, which will definitely frees up some space for this slim and lightweight carbon-fiber chassis that weighs only around 2,369 pounds. What’s more impressive about this car is that it is fully electric with a top speed of about 160mph and has a range of 200 miles. In addition, the Venturi also has the sleek design that will surely amaze everybody’s eyes.

venturi voltage roadster

venturi volage roadster

venturi volage roadster

venturi volage roadster

venturi volage roadster

venturi volage roadster

Source : VenturiVolage via Tuvie


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