TriSpa Handheld Shower Will Help You Save Water

Saving water can sometimes mean a big No no in using our bathroom showers but not anymore if you have TriSpa Handheld Shower. Available in brushed nickel finish, the eco-friendly bathroom shower from Oxygenics allows you to save more water with its three unique spray functions. These three spray functions will not only let you save water but also let you enjoy the ultimate shower experience you are always dreaming of, because each of these three spray patterns is pressurized giving you a luxurious flow of water. [Click here to learn more about TriSpa Handheld Shower]

TriSpa Handheld Shower

TriSpa Handheld Shower

The handheld shower with self-pressurizing head is designed to save water as compared to our traditional showerheads. It only uses a maximum of 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Guaranteed to never clog, you will surely enjoy using this shower fixture with minimum maintenance. Meaning, you don’t need to spend too much on your water bill as well as on your maintenance cost, which is very favorable not only to your pocket but to the environment as well. The TriSpa handheld shower is durable enough for you to enjoy its beauty longer, as this is built with high quality, its core components feature an ancetal resin called Delrin. The other two spray nozzles of the shower on the other hand, are also made from Delrin, they have the anti-scale rubber making the TriSpa Handheld Shower tough, corrosion resistant, and scale buildup free. [Click here to checkout the best deal of TriSpa Handheld Shower]

TriSpa Handheld Shower

TriSpa Handheld Shower

TriSpa Handheld Shower


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