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The Drink Sustainable Design : A Bright Idea on Sustainable Drinking

Many of drinkers are not aware of being sustainable especially if they under the influence of alcohol. They just tend to put their empty beer tin cans everywhere, and the party hosts are the ones cleaning like hell. Well this will never be happening again, because Brenda Osorio and Rodrigo Ambriz found a way of eliminating those mess created during parties, and this the product called the drink sustainable design. It is a big cardboard with holes, wherein drinkers can put on their empty tin cans. In this way, it will be easier when cleaning because all they have to do is to get the drink sustainable design and throw it to the trashcan.

The Drink Sustainable Design - recycling aid drink sustainable

The Drink Sustainable Design - recycling aid drink sustainable

via EcoFriend

Vers Audio Hand-Crafted Wood iPod and iPhone Audio Systems

This wood audio system is made of high quality wood and delivers rich sound and sustainable design. This wood sound system is designed for iPod, iPhone and others with a lot of thought put toward sustainability, totally hand crafted real wood. Vers’ debut product is the 6.5-pound, hand-crafted cherry veneer 2X with 8 iPod adapters and universal MP3 dock and two 15- watt speakers.

Each of this Vers Audio hand-crafted wood audio systems takes a week to create, and when the sound systems are ready to ship, Vers uses totally recycled and recyclable paper for their packaging.

vers audio handcrafted wood speakers

vers audio wood speakers

vers audio made from wood

Designer : David Laituri and Sprout Creation

Precinct 4 Sustainable Towers in Malaysia Will Source from Alternative Energya

Another iconic building is going to be built in Malaysia. This is not surprising, since they do have two of the tallest buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers. The design of Precinct4 is very unique, based on traditional Islamic architecture, marine-inspired structures, and radiating block of bioclimatic architecture.

The architect’s goal (Hijjas Kasturi Associates, Malaysian architects) was to design buildings that tell of its place of origin which is culturally modern, Islamic and tropical in nature. While the designers goal (Studio Nicoletti Associati) was to provide a model for sustainable residential design that was inspired by the city’s unique landscape which includes an expansive artificial lake. The biggest inspiration came from the sea and the entire development resembles a fleet of ships.

It is also said that the buildings will source from alternative energy and are expected to produce 50% less CO2 emissions than similar residential projects.

sustainable towers by studio nicoletti associati

malaysia sustainable towers by studio nicoletti associati

sustainable towers concept for malaysia by studio nicoletti associati

Designer : Studio Nicoletti Associati via Inhabitat

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