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Chop Safely With The Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block

If you want to chop on a butcher block hat is sturdy, clean and earth friendly, the Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block is the ideal butcher for you. Fast growing in nature, bamboo is a perfect material to use if you want something sturdy, elegant, long lasting and most of all eco-friendly.

Other than being safe to the environment, this lovely butcher block from totally bamboo is also comfortable and safe to use because it has the rubber-capped legs that lets the butcher-block stays in place while you are chopping. Other than using bamboo as the materials used, this butcher block from Totally Bamboo also has various eco-friendly features including the use of formaldehyde-free glue, natural and permanent color, and zero dyes or stains. [Click here for more information about the Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block]

Large Totally Bamboo Butcher Block

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