Spice-Vice Versa: Grows Your Herbs Indoor

Putting some indoor plants in our home will create a refreshing and clean ambiance, as we all know that plants are natural air fresheners. However, with the growing problem in space shortage, more and more people are deprived of having plants in their homes. Not anymore today with Ana Arguezo’s Spice-Versa. The Spice-Vice Versa is a small herb growing system that will allow you to grow your own herbs indoor. Using the PlantGel technology, the Spice-Vice Versa can be hung to your ceiling, thus space will never be a problem at all. With this wonderful concept, people can now have fresh air naturally and at the same are given the chance to save some space.

Spice-Vice Versa

Spice-Vice Versa

Spice-Vice Versa

Spice-Vice Versa

Spice-Vice Versa

Source: Ana Arguezo


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  • Where can you buy spice versa???

  • I would also like to buy one but can't find it anywhere!

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