Repurposed Telephone Booth Now To Serve As EV Cars’ Charging Station

We all know that the used of mobile phones is a wide practice to each and everyone in the world. With the convenience that mobile phones bring to its users, many are into it when it comes to communicating with their loved ones, making the traditional telephone booths and obsolete item. If not with the eco-friendly ideas of Austrian Telecommunications Company, Telekom Austria, these old-fashioned telephone booths were surely be destined to our landfills. Instead, Telekom Austria turned these telephone booths into a useful and eco-friendly charging station for electric vehicles like scooter, electric bicycle, and electric car. Each of the vehicles took 80 minutes, 20 minutes, and 6.5 hours respectively before they can be fully charged.

Repurposed Telephone Booth

Repurposed Telephone Booth

Source: Telekom Austria via Inhabitat


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