Proxima Two Seater Hybrid Vehicle

Proxima will definitely be the answer for the growing rate of motorcycle incidents. A concept by Alvino Design, the Proxima is a two-seater hybrid vehicle with a car view in front and a motorcycle look at the rear. This unique concept from Alvino gives its rider a chance to enjoy the two-wheel feel of a motorcycle while keeping them safe and comfortable as if they are in a four-wheel vehicle. When driving a Proxima, safety gear like motor helmets will not be needed anymore, because riders in a Proxima are all in-tucked with a fully enclosed cabin as if they are inside a car. Now who would say that a car and a bike could not be enjoyed together in one?

proxima the car bike hybrid concept

proxima the car bike hybrid concept

proxima the car bike hybrid concept

proxima the car bike hybrid concept

proxima the car bike hybrid concept

via AutoMotto


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  • Now this is cool. It’s an absolute merged between two type of vehicle into one. It’s brilliant how they combined the wheel concept. Though the side view looks like an eagle head to me…

  • I think this car is hottt as hell && if they havnt all ready, they need to make this!!!

  • great, is this sold in usa and if so how much? also where can you buy them?

  • Hi i am from Malaysia interested to be come distributor for hybrid bike
    can some from the company contact me pls.

  • Came across Alvino’s Proxima by accident. Nice! Interestingly enough three-wheelers are considered a separate category vehicles worth researching as far as fuel economy and low emissions…. as well as space-efficient mobility solutions!

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