Handmade Wool Soft Block: Keeping Your Babies Living The Eco-life At An Early Stage

Eco-friendly living is getting easier and easier as time passes by. Eco-friendly products are now widely available almost everywhere. You can see eco-friendly furniture set, clothing, and more. Today, even kids at a very young age can already enjoy eco-friendly living with the numerous eco-friendly toys designed and produced just like the Handmade Wool Soft Block from The Playful World. Made from natural mountain raw sheep wool, the Soft Blocks also has the gentle sounding bell that is tucked inside, which will let your child’s curios minds ponder. In addition, each soft block contains six blocks in attention grabber colors that will surely catch your child’s attention.

Soft Block

Soft Block

Soft Block

Source: Playful World via Inhabitots


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  • Great and beautiful blocks that can be tossed around without hurting anyone! Very nice eco-friendly baby toy 😉

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