Enjoy Fresh Air Indoor And Install The Parasite Farm Inside Your Home

If you think that collecting your biodegradable wastes, put it all together, and wait for organic farmers to collect it, it is now time for you to know the Parasite Farm. This planter will let you have your own little farm inside your home consuming your own biodegradable wastes. Thus, you don’t need to wait for the garbage truck or collector to knock on your door.

Parasite Farm
Parasite Farm

Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber design this one cute indoor farm or indoor compost system. The Parasite Farm has all the things you need in minimizing waste and becoming a successful organic farmer. It has the chopping board that can be slid easily once you are done and have the food scraps shove into the vermicompost-container. After which, the compost material will then stay on the farm’s grate to collect humus soil, which is an excellent ingredient in having healthy plants. Waters produced by food scraps will then be collected and stored in a tank and can be transferred into your watering can using a small pump and can now be used as your liquid fertilizer.

Parasite Farm
Parasite Farm
If you are worried about the flies loitering into your kitchen because of these food scraps you have, the built-in flytrap will take charge of that worries you have in mind. With all these features and elegant design, the Parasite Farm will surely hit households in the near future.

Parasite Farm
Parasite Farm
Parasite Farm
Parasite Farm

Source: Charlotte Dieckman and Nils Ferber via Designboom


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