Kaleidoscape: An Eco-friendly Architecture

A temporary architectural structure has been installed on Governor’s Island and will be on from June to August 2010. The said structure will be for the cultural events happening on Governors Island. The Kaleidoscape pavilion is not only eye catching through its color, shape, shade, light, and play but also with is eco-friendly features, which …

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Architecture Recycle

Keg Apartments: An Eco-mobile Home

Repurposing shipping containers are common nowadays, which invited designer Aristide Antonas in collaboration with Katerina Koutsogianni to repurposed used transportation trailers and create an eco-friendly mobile home from it. Instead of sending it to our landfills, we can have our homes from it. The trailers can also be detached from the car and use it …

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Outdoors Recycle

Mercado Negro Make Use Of The Old Shopping Carts

Old shopping carts are normally left behind in supermarkets especially if new sets of clean and fully-functional carts are available and the old ones are generally discarded. Instead of finally seeing them in our landfills, LA-based designer Ramon Coronado give these old shopping carts a new life by transforming them into new pieces like a …

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