Cardboard Shelf: Nice and Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

Modern design without harming the natural resources is what the cardboard furniture has to offer. Eric Guiomar’s produces these wonderful works of art that has creative design such as the Chinese Yin Yang, which made these circular shaped book shelves not only simple book storage but a design statement as well that will definitely give every place a simple yet artistic and elegant look. In addition, since these bookshelves are made of cardboard, for sure it is a super lightweight one and can easily be transported from one place to another thus making it easy to transport during purchase. Considering the price, it will definitely be an affordable one.

Cardboard Bookshelf

Cardboard Bookshelf


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  • i am going to make a new house. can you send me more info regarding designs. this is febulous.

  • how can i buy this?

  • No "buy" link???

  • How can I buy this? And if you could give me a price that would be great.

  • Where do you find information on how to make one of these?

  • Has anyone found where to buy this and exact price?

  • how do i buy this?

  • how to buy it?

  • How do you buy this?

  • very nice

  • Wow, I love that.These eco-friendly shelves are amazing

  • i lke the furniture that made of &how we purchase in India

  • I see a bunch of people asking about the price and how to buy it…why has it been so hard to find a way to get it yet . :c

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