An Eco-friendly Arraiz Garcia Pavilion Built In Valencia, Spain For A Traditional Festival

During festival and other events, building a pavilion is becoming a tradition in many countries but in Valencia, Spain, an eco-friendly Arraiz Garcia Pavilion is being built during the annual traditional festival in Spain. Compared to the traditional pavilions made during the annual festival that are made of polystyrene, this new pavilion by Miguel Arraiz Garcia is safe to the environment because it uses cardboard, a biodegradable material. The pavilion is made of 3,000 corrugated boxes. Another thing that you will like about it is that, it uses no other construction material. It is built representing a cave and has a title “a battle is raging even if you’re not aware of it”.

Arraiz Garcia Pavilion
Arraiz Garcia Pavilion

After the event, the cardboards used in the pavilion can be disposed without being worried of how long it will stay in the soil, for in just a short period, it will immediately decompose. On the other hand, once can also recycle the cardboards and make use of it however it may serve them. In addition, since the pavilion look good enough, one can also make us of it even after the festival. It can provide the shade that everybody needs especially during hot summer days. In this way, people were able to enjoy the shade that buildings and pavilions made from concrete materials can provide with less carbon emission and thus, help save the environment.

Arraiz Garcia Pavilion
Arraiz Garcia Pavilion
Arraiz Garcia Pavilion
Arraiz Garcia Pavilion


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