Bee Tote: Stylishly Designed Eco-friendly Tote Bag

With more than 2 years of searching for eco-friendly products and designs, I have observed that India is making their way in keeping the environment safe and clean. They have various products designs already and today, the Bee Tote adds up to the list of eco-friendly products made in India. Looking at the photos, the …

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Design and Concept

Pollution Eraser Will Save Life And The Earth

Fresh air is all we need to keep going. However, with continuous abuse by humans and the huge amount of carbon emission produced, the air becomes polluted. To keep the air fresh, many of us have done our part by reducing our carbon footprint through different eco-friendly products or by recycling many of our used …

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Architecture Design and Concept Outdoors Recycle Solar Energy

Life Cube: An Emergency Shelter That Saves Time In Setting Up

When disaster comes, emergency shelters are the only tool that rescue operation must have in standby, for here is where victims can feel safe and comfortable. When designing an emergency shelter, it important to consider the environment. Designing with sustainability in mind is the produces eco-friendly products like the Life Cube. Aside from its ability …

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