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Worm Farm Composter Transforms Your Food Waste Into Fertilizer

Take advantage of your food waste, Worm Farm Composter transforms any vegetable scraps to valuable fertilizer. The composter features modern and attractive design, you can place it in corner of your kitchen or near garbage bin, it’s really easy, no fuss and no mess. Worms would do all the work, it turns your food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer, it’s a nice green project to teach children about the environment.

Once the process starts, you can add up to 0.5 pound of food scraps per day to the composter (you need to purchase the worms separately). This amount is about an average food waste for a family of four. You need to also remember that 68-degree F is the ideal temperature for the composter.

Worm Farm Composter

Worm Farm Composter

Worm Farm Composter consists of two trays, once the bottom tray fills up, those worms would move up to the top tray. This means that the compost in the bottom tray can mature for about a month while you keep adding food waste to the top tray. Once it’s done, you can empty it and repeat the process as needed. There’s a spigot at the bottom to dispense nutrient-rich compost tea, you can use it on your houseplants or garden plants. [CLICK HERE to get more information about Worm Farm Composter]

Worm Farm Composter

Worm Farm Composter

Worm Farm Composter

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