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Wooden Learning Clock Promotes Eco-friendly Learning For Children

As part of learning and growing up, our kids are taught how to tell time at school. Surely, teachers are using those modern clocks that are widely available in the market today. As a way of helping save the environment, we can always have the choice as to the product that we will use. In this regard, the Wooden Learning Clock will surely be our efficient partner in teaching our kids tell time without harming the environment.

Wooden Learning Clock

The Wooden Learning Clock is made of reclaimed Ash and Walnut. In addition, the clock is finished with natural beeswax, which also eco-friendly. Aside from telling time, the Wooden Learning Clock can also enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination because the clock’s numbers are part of the puzzle. The wooden hands of the wooden learning clock are movable too making it easy for your kids to set the time as part of their exercises.

Source: The Original Tree Swing via Inhabitots


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