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Do Not Waste Your Time, Help Save The Earth With The PaperPulpClock

Being always on time requires you to have a functional clock. The PaperPulp Clock by Chris Kown and Ramon Middelkoop will not only keep you on time and allows you to not waste your time but will also help you save the earth. The PaperPulp Clock is made of recycled paper pulp forms making it not only a nice looking and functional clock but also an eco-friendly one. In addition, the production process of the clock requires a little amount of energy and uses the sun power to dry the pulp. Another green feature of this one of a kind clock is its being recyclable at the end of its useful life by having it recycled.

Paprpulp Clock

Paprpulp Clock

Paprpulp Clock

Source: Invotis Orange


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