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Moneral: A Stylish Sustainable Wooden Plate

Surely, we have heard about sizzling plate, ceramic, glass, and plastic plates already but have you heard about wooden plates already? Well, this may not new anymore but surely, you will get amazed with the Moneral. The plates comes stylish and are made of coated aspen, thus each plate is durable enough even when frequently …

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HandMade Wooden Bowls and Kitchen Utensils

Wooden utensils are now new anymore since we are using it even before the global warming issue is being raised. However, using of it is not really being introduced to people. However, right now using eco friendly things are strongly introduced and advised. To join with the eco-friendly society is designer Gary Allson, which inspired …

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Wooden Tool Kit Toy for Kids Review

Toys are not just for the sake of keeping children engaged or just to entertain them. They can learn quite a number of things as many of the toys have educational benefits linked with them. The toy kits available for the children often teach them various how-to-make activities and they get involved in useful handicrafts …

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