Wind-powered Rickshaw: Transports With Zero Carbon Emission

Rickshaw is a popular mode of transportation in many of the Asian countries like India, Nepal, and more. The original rickshaws are pedal powered but get tired of doing that is why the motor powered rickshaw is made. However, with the aim to help reduce carbon emission and eventually help save the environment, Kathmandu, Nepal rickshaw driver, have come to an idea of a wind-powered rickshaw. Made from a metal drum, the said windmill is attached to the rickshaw. As the drum rotates, it helps accelerates the rickshaw, thus less pedaling job for the driver. Presumably, this rickshaw has its canopy on rainy days, or else passengers will get wet as the drum collects rainwater and dump as it rotates.

Wind-powered Rickshaw

Via: Wired


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1 thought on “Wind-powered Rickshaw: Transports With Zero Carbon Emission”

  1. It’s not really a “wind powered” rickshaw. The driver expends energy peddling, creating forward motion, which creates wind, which presumably is turned into electricity, which is stored in batteries. That energy is then put back into the system to help accelerate the next time.

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