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Volitan: The Futuristic Eco-Friendly Boat

The Volitan is another eco-friendly boat concept that will let you sail in a normal way without using a fuel, thus less carbon emission. It uses the air and the sun to power up the vessel. The wind power makes the boat possible to sail uninterrupted day and night. Aside from the wind power, the Volitan also has the solar cell panels that collects solar energy and charges the batteries that are responsible for the electric motors that drive the side propellers. The moment this Volitan will be into production, sailing green will never be hard anymore. In addition, it has a futuristic design that made the Volitan not only an eco-friendly icon but also an ambassador or stylish sailing.






Source: International Design Awards


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6 thoughts on “Volitan: The Futuristic Eco-Friendly Boat”

  1. We already have an existing technology for eco-friendly boat propulsion. They’re called “sails”.

    These guys are 5,000 years behind the news…

    – Ari

  2. why can you not install vertical axis wind turbines on a yacht would that not give you more power than solar panels ? there is almost always wind on the water day and night . mount mutibale turbines inline much like sail mast on windjammers

  3. It’s a nice idea, I like the way it looks. Even if the solar wings don’t generate enough power, they can still propel the boat on wind force, and if you don’t need the electrical power for your propulsion, you can use it for all your other electric gear, such as A/C lady shave and all other rechargeable lady’s tools to keep the girls happy during the long and slow ocean crossing !!!!….

  4. roland is correct. this design is foul, bad and stupid. ari, also is 100% right on. all one has to do is look at the proliferation of snake oil salesman who jump on a band wagon tio sell a fad. this one: green
    [email protected]

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