The Eggo House: A Self-contained House

The Eggo house is refreshing, cool, and a beautiful creation of A69. It is a self-contained home situated within a garden. If you are used to see a house with a backyard garden, the Eggo house made a difference because the garden becomes the centerpiece. Situated at the center of the structure, the garden provides a natural feeling and fresher air. Thus, residents don’t need to open their air conditioners to cool themselves up because the garden did the job already. The house has an independent study area, a private zone, terrace and social rooms that surround the garden with a kitchen connected to all of these social spaces.

Eggo House

Eggo House

Eggo House

Eggo House

Eggo House

Source: A69 via Swipelife


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4 thoughts on “The Eggo House: A Self-contained House”

  1. well what happens wen a storm hits and the tree falls on the house? wouldnt the structure get destroyed? or when thunder/lightning strikes the tree in the middle and gets burned, wouldnt the house get burnt too?

  2. I think it’s not more dangerous than the classical tree-planting. I mean, a tree can ruin a classical house, too.
    By the way, this house looks cool, but it’s uneconomic with the space you have. But I would be happy if I could have a house like this 🙂

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