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Use Your Discarded Pallet In Creating Sustainable Furniture Called Paletto.

Wooden pallets are normally discarded or tossed off after every shipment, but not if you make the Paletto. Cargo companies use new set of pallets every shipment producing huge number of discarded pallets in landfills.

Paletto Stool
Paletto Stool

The work of Santiago Cantera will surely helps you reduce landfills and make the most out of discarded pallets. The Paletto is a sustainable furniture made fro discarded pallet. The production of this one of a kind furniture requires minimal carbon emission and obviously reduces landfills and no more pallets will be on the landfills ever again. You can also opts to put some soft cushion on top of the Paletto, which is made of canvass for comfort.

Paletto Stool

Source: Santiago Cantera


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