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Uritrottoir : Urinal Planter for Emergency Pee

When you explore Paris, you probably see Uritrottoir outside the Fare de Lyon train station. It’s a urinal planter, yes, urinal, a place where you can pee, legally. Public restrooms can be gross but it is also illegal to pee on the wall or public places. Uritrottoir can be translated as “pavement urinal”, an eco-friendly spot to pee. It’s not a container, it consists of two boxes that hold plants, completed with fertilized soil, the main area of the urinal sends your pee down to the odor-fighting dry straw that fills the lower box. Basically two boxes which are stacked on one another, the top for the plants and the bottom to contain your pee. There’s a sensor that tells when the lower compartment needs to be sent to composting facility. Your waste is then composed and used as fertilizer for gardens, parks or even those plants that grow out of the top urinal.

Uritrottoir : Urinal Planter

Uritrottoir : Urinal Planter

At the moment, Uritrottoir is at trial, but if it works great, there’s a high possibility that we might see them around the city. The modern design of this urinal won’t keep people away, it decors the city while providing a spot for emergency pee. The boxes come with different sizes, starting rom 110 liters to 240 liters, for heavily used areas, it’s better to use the larger boxes.

Uritrottoir : Urinal Planter

Uritrottoir : Urinal Planter

Uritrottoir : Urinal Planter

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