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Tris Stool From Kulla Design

The Tris Stool is one of the wonderful series of products made by Kulla Industrial Design out of re-used discarded plastic shutters. Instead of the shutter being added to the trashes and add up to the mountains of landfills we have, Kulla design has collected them and provide them with another wonderful useful life. With the help of the birch plywood, the plastic shutters now became a functional and elegant furniture for your home in the form of a Tris Stool. The stool has the elegant look letting everyone forget that it is made out of recycled materials. Aside from the Tris Stool another products like the chair, Kulla also creates CD rack and wall divider out of plastic shutters.

Tris Stool

Tris Stool

Tris Stool

Source: Kulla Design


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