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Toothpick Lamp By Daisuke Hiraiwa

Eco-friendly designer have never run out of materials. Joining with the other resourceful eco-friendly designers is Daisuke Hiraiwa who had created the Toothpick lamp and exhibited it during the New York design week. Toothpicks are glued together and form as the lamp’s stylish canopy. It is great to hear that living the eco-friendly lifestyle is now already within reach because of the numerous sustainable design available today. I just wish that this project will be using energy saving bulb and the toothpick canopy contains compounds that has lesser impact to the environment, and can be reusable. In this way, it will not be considered as an eco-product just because of the toothpick thing but of the project as a whole.

Toothpick Lamp

Toothpick Lamp

Toothpick Lamp

Source: Daisuke Hiraiwa via Dezeen


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