The Ribbon Lamp by ECCO Design

Eco friendly designs are really getting dominant these days. It is not only the furniture, architecture and fashion designers are into it, but also the industrial designers are already starting to design green products. The ribbon lamp by ECCO Design for Top Brilliant Technology Limited is just one of those green industrial products being produced today. Aside from its sustainable approach, the ribbon lamp is also a multi purpose one. It can be used as a working lamp or a dim light at night when you are sleeping or, as you desire. It has a simple control pad to let user transform the lamp from bright to dim as well as to change colors from daylight white to warm yellowish light.

The Ribbon Lamp

The Ribbon Lamp

The Ribbon Lamp

The Ribbon Lamp

Source: ECCO Design


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1 thought on “The Ribbon Lamp by ECCO Design”

  1. This is a great lamp. I purchased one about a year ago and it is great for its adjustable lighting and great sleek look! Highly recommended.

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