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The Rewrite Desk by Iannone Design Will Keep Your Things In Place And The Environment Safe

We now have a lot of eco-friendly furniture widely available in the market, one of them is Rewrite Desk by Iannone Design. The desk is a useful piece of furniture that will fit in perfectly with the saying “old meets new”. You might wonder why it fits, simply because, the desk is a brand new furniture piece with modern design but is made of reclaimed materials. Meaning the materials used to complete the desk are old. [Click here to get more details about Iannone Design Rewrite Desk]

Rewrite Desk by Iannone Design
Rewrite Desk by Iannone Design

The reclaimed materials used in creating the desk are reclaimed character oak that completes the tabletop as well as the front of the drawer. Oak is then paired with another eco-friendly material, an FSC certified white oak for the desk’s base and legs. At times, the manufacturer makes use of a locally sourced maple for the legs and base of the desk, which is an eco-friendly material too.

Aside from the eco-friendly yet sturdy base and tabletop, the desk also has the drawer that can hold your stationary and pens. The desk measures 48 x 22 x 29, which is spacious enough for your paper works, for your kids’ homework and activities and more. If you desire a nice desk with less impact to the environment, we strongly suggest that you get a Rewrite Desk by Iannone Design. [Click here to get more details about Iannone Design Rewrite Desk]


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