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The Q Cap Silicon Cap Is Universal And Multi-functional

It is rare for a cap to be universal but not the Q Cap Silicon Cap. Normally, a cap is designed to fit in specifically for a certain container. This is not the case for Q Cap because this new cap is compatible to all kinds of teakettles and cups.

The cap is a silicon cap, so it is flexible and able to move upside down with ease. It also has an incorporated stainless steel tea ball inside allowing the cap to let the tea leaf stay soaked in the water until the tea drink tastes too strong enough for the drinker. Unlike the traditional tea ball that you need to have another plate for your tea ball when not in use, with the Q Cap, you can definitely save a lot of your desk space. Just turn the cap upside down and you are good to go.

Q Cap Silicon Cap
Q Cap Silicon Cap

Other than being a useful cap that works as your tea ball, the Q Cap can also be your lovely filter cup for coffee brewing purposes. When preparing your coffee, simply take off the tea ball and put in place a coffee filter paper and the Q Cap will your instant coffee filter cup. Most of all the Q Cap is available is lovely bright colors of orange and lime green, making it delicious enough to be incorporated with your two delicious beverages.

Q Cap Silicon Cap

Q Cap Silicon Cap

Q Cap Silicon Cap

Q Cap Silicon Cap

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