Recycled Wine Bottles Vases And Tumblers

Recycling used wine bottles that are supposed to be disposed off is a great act in minimizing the possible growth of landfills and will eventually reduce the risk of the environment from a possible harm brought by those fast growing mountains of landfills. Helping us in keeping the environment safe is the Bottlehood who have submitted to igreenspot their great creations made from recycled wine bottles sourced from local bars and restaurants.

From Bottlehood:
We at Bottlehood are in the midst of launching a new line of glassware including vases, small and large drinking glasses, votives, jewelry etc. We use wine, liquor, and water bottles from local restaurants, bars, and hotels to source our glassware.

BottleHood uses local craftspeople to turn the bottles into great looking glassware, which is sold by both local and online retailers. Our glassware has a significantly lower carbon footprint as compared to recycled or landfilled bottles, and we continually strive to run our operations as sustainable as possible.

Recycled Wine Bottle Vase and Tumbler

Recycled Wine Bottle Vase and Tumbler

Source: Bottlehood


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