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The GreenWashBall, A Detergent Substitute

With the GreenWashBall, now you can wash your clothes without the need of a detergent. The GreenWashBall is an innovative device that can be tossed into your washing machine to clean your laundry in lieu of a detergent. It can be an innovative concept but is not the first one to come out in the market. Products of the same concept and is already in the market include the Miracle II Ball, the Laundry Solution Ball, and the Mystic Wonder Laundry Ball. All of them are good substitute for detergent, however, can they really clean or can they remove the bad odor your dirty laundry has? Just a thought. Anyway, the concept is good and I like it.

The Laundry Ball

The Laundry Ball

The Laundry Ball

The Laundry Ball

Source:The Green Wash Ball via Inhabitat


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1 thought on “The GreenWashBall, A Detergent Substitute”

  1. yea ill be using when i start living at as school
    its been working for me at home but yea im not
    a football player jumping in the mud
    itll those holiday food stains off
    also u dont to worry that detergent water going to the ocean endering
    exotic ffish

    i have too much time on my hands

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