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The Elevated Cycleway for a Safer Biking Experience

EL or the Elevated Cycleway is definitely the best option to experience safer biking experience. The elevated cycleway way works out with the use of the existing electric and telephone structural poles. This product is lighter and quicker to assemble than the traditional concrete or wooden bridge construction. In addition, it is also an eco friendly product; for its parts are rotationally molded from 100 percent, recycled Polyethelye (LDPE) overmolded on recycled aluminum struts for support. Aside from travelling safe with the elevated cycleway, bikers don’t need to go with the traffic jam and avoid those vehicles, which mean a faster travel and biking experience.

Elevated Cycleway

Elevated Cycleway

Elevated Cycleway

Elevated Cycleway

Elevated Cycleway

Elevated Cycleway

Source : Chris Rusay

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1 thought on “The Elevated Cycleway for a Safer Biking Experience”

  1. You are just kidding me. This is just a slick-looking graphic designer's art project for uni. Sorry, but it has no practical use at all, because

    a) Streetlights cannot support a cycleway
    b) Streetlights cannot support a cycleway which needs to be strong enough to hold a traffic jam of CYCLISTS (lots of people in one spot) without crashing down
    c) How do we get on and off? Unless you have lots of ramps, it will be no use to most people
    d) Ever tried to get planning permission for something that allows people to look into people's homes?
    e) Dirigible bridges? Now you are just taking the piss. Invent a gas that has negative gravity first, then fill up that small balloon, and we can talk.

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