Bold: Your Spacious Eco-friendly Cardboard Chair

Cardboard can be used in various purposes. You can have it as your simple yet presentable packaging, storage, and a lot more. Today, I am going to present to you a wonderful creation made from cardboard. Hailed as theBold, this one of a kind chair has the small letter B look when viewed from the …

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Misc Recycle

Tupperware Lamps: Gives Your Old Tupperware Dishes A New Life

Ohh… my Tupperware… my ever-favorite Tupperware dishes in my childhood. Almost all of my lunchboxes were from Tupperware. Aside from lunch boxes and bowls, Tupperware also has this old-school molds that used to make Jello. Surely, you have pictured out how they look like. And with today’s modern Jello mold designs, the Tupperware seems like …

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Recycle Science

Recycled Electronic Parts Used To Form A Robot

Old or non-functional electronics and its parts are normally discarded and destined to be on our landfills, which is obviously not a good practice for the environment. However, this will never be the issue anymore with the eco-friendly robot invention of Andrea Petrachi aka Himatic. If you were to look at the photos of the …

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Misc Packaging

Create Cutlery By Emma Hoop

Eco-friendly people will definitely rejoice with the wonderful creation made by Emma Hoop called the create cutlery, a re-usable packaging that has embedded with seeds for the user’s indoor herb garden. Aside from the seeds, the product also has an embedded cutlery available for future use. With the use of eco-friendly materials, create cutlery will …

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Interior Design Recycle

Porcelain Lamp by Laura Pregger

Recycling our used porcelain tableware into another useful material is very rewarding. One great example of this great act is the porcelain lamp by designer Laura Pregger. Her porcelain lamp designs come in different form. Some are in the form of a pendant lamp, while others are in a chandelier like design. No matter how …

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