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Cigarette Butt Street Rug: An Eco-friendly Stylish Rug

After enjoying our stick of cigarette, butts are normally thrown away and destined to be on our landfills. Today, this cigarette butts will never distract the beauty of our place with the wonderful creation of Puerto Rican artist Jesus Bubu Negron that make use of cigarette butts called the cigarette butt street rug. The woven carpet was presented at the Sharjah Biennale. Created by using the paper of the cigarettes that are unrolled and layered on top of each other, the rug creates the pattern that is similar to that of a woven textile rug. With this products, our landfills will not only be minimized but will also fill our homes with a decorative yet eco-friendly rug. -via




Source: Jesus Bubu Negron


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