Upside Down: A Purposely Grown Chair

We all know that eco-chairs are made of sustainable materials from recycled items to naturally sourced materials and more. The Upside Down chair may not be new at all when it comes to its source, as it is made from a tree trunk. What made it unique is how the trunk intentionally grown to create …

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Home and Kitchen Interior Design

Sustainable Products from Domestic Aesthetic

Sustainable products and living sustainably is now not impossible to happen already with the help of various companies creating products out of sustainable materials like what domestic aesthetic did. What made their products sustainable? It simply because, their products are made of recycled or recyclable materials or the product itself is readily recyclable or biodegradable. …

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Cell Phone Design and Concept

SLIQ, A Sleek Cell Phone Concept

The idea of SLIQ cell phone is trying to replace the multiple gadgets for professional travelers. Why? Because with multiple gadgets means multiple chargers are needed, that is a quite amount of materials to break down, aren’t they? Why not using sustainable materials and components, user-powered charging elements, less moving pasts, and easily disassembled and …

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Design and Concept Gadgets

Environmentally Friendly EVO PC Concept

Talk sustainable about home computer service, EVO PC is an alternative to the traditional PC in a new form factor. EVO PC concept is made of sustainable materials to achieve a substantially smaller ecological footprint compare to previous computing systems. EVO PC consists of two main parts the EVO Client module and the EVO Base …

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