Design and Concept

Color Picker By Jinsun Park

If you are getting tired carrying various pens with different colors, this new ecological color picker is the right pen for you. This can still be a concept, but I cannot wait to see it rocking our colorful world anytime soon. With the color picker, we don’t need to carry different pens of different color. …

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The Sakku Solar Bags

Messenger bags are in fashion today especially to our active teens. In addition, they are also into the electronic world today. Almost 100 percent of our teens today are having gadgets like MP3 and MP4 player, mobile phones, PDA and more. That is why the Sakku Solar bag is created. It has the ability to …

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Cell Phone

Bamboo, Eco Friendly Degradable Mobile Phone

This degradable mobile phone is called Bamboo, because when the battery, antenna and print board are removed the case can be placed in compos and a few weeks later the case will begin to disintegrate. Inside the case are bamboo seeds, these will start to grow and feet on the case. After a few months …

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