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Table Talks Tableware Collection Is Made Of Old Porcelain Set

Recycling of old porcelain sets to create a new one is what Galerie Sofie Lachaert Tielrode is doing to make the Table Talks tableware collection.

Table Talks
Table Talks

The collection is made possible with the collaboration of chef Sergio Herman and designer Sofie Lachaert. The duo crashed old porcelain sets into pieces and created a new set of elegant, classy and eco-friendly porcelain set. Looking the photos, each piece of the collection look stunning and the group can be your elegant home ware and even an eye-catching home décor. Having the table talks tableware on the table will surely create a classy dining experience but with care to the environment.

Source: Lachaert


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1 thought on “Table Talks Tableware Collection Is Made Of Old Porcelain Set”

  1. If you hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have thought these were old porcelain sets I was looking it. In fact, I could’ve sworn they were relatively new.

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